Berlin-based talented artist Ferdinand Dreyssig who established himself well in the electronic music scene in Europe the last few decades as an excellent music producer and Dj. Colliding with the wide spectrum of his musicality, he is also involved since 2015 in sound design funding his own company ”adblip”.

His talent comes from his rich musical education in a mix of Jazz (saxophone), classical (piano), blues and soul (guitar). He is focusing on vocal infused, beat-oriented Techno and Techhouse music. In his productions, you can hear that a man is at work, who knows his gear well and who likes to linger in perfection.

Being born in south Germany, he has brought the Bavarian “Gem├╝tlichkeit” with him all along. After passing some years in Austria and Barcelona, he made himself at home in good old Berlin, riding his Bike in between his home and his studio.

Ferdinand’s musicality is clearly apparent and through his numerous releases on labels such as GEM Records, Stil Vor Talent, Tulipa Records, SVT, BAR 25 Music, Get Physical, Resopal Schallware, Katermukke, Clap Your Hands, Cat For Lunch Records and many more.

The last EP release is out now from the label IATM with the ”Orange Sunset” climbing at number 32 from the Top 100 Techno Category of Beatport.

He has demonstrated his mastery of electronic music but kept his trademark respect for space and depth of arrangements, through fine attention to production details.

After sharing his music in regular appearances in the most famous electronic veneus (Sisyphos, Watergate, Golden Gate, Griessmuehle and etc) and festivals (Feel, Artlake etc) in and out of the country, is back releasing his new EP tracks ”Orange Sunset”, ”Elements” and ”Sheldon Heights”.

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